Supreme Court Upholds Hollins Law Non-suit Ruling

The Supreme Court of California upheld a motion for non-suit made by Hollins Law in Castaneda v Olsher. The plaintiff was shot and injured while he was a bystander to a gang confrontation, in the mobile home park in which he lived. He brought action against our client for premises liability, and after five days of testimony before a jury, the plaintiff rested his case and Hollins Law made an oral motion for nonsuit. The trial court granted the motion based on Hollins Law argument, that the plaintiff had failed to show that a shooting was highly foreseeable, and thus the landlord owed no duty to the plaintiff (Ann M. v. Pacific Plaza Shopping Center (1993) 6 Cal.4th 666). The Court of Appeal reversed the Imperial County Superior Court Decision, but the Supreme Court reinstated the non-suit for our client.