Hollins Law Receives Affirmation from California Court of Appeal in FEHA/Religious Discrimination Case

Nelson v. Avondale Homeowners Assn. (2009) 172 Cal. App 4th 857 — The Fourth District Appellate Court of California upheld a verdict in favor of Hollins Law in Nelson v. Avondale Homeowners Assn. [(2009) 172 Cal. App 4th 857], the results of which were published in March, 2009. The case originated from an action in which plaintiff sought an injunction against his HOA after his patients were denied entry to his home by the association’s security staff. Plaintiff’s request was promptly denied by the trial court due to the fruitless grounds of plaintiff’s action, as evidenced by the Hollins Law team. Who combined expertise in appellate matters helped to assure victory in the Court of Appeal, wherein the Appeals Court found that no abuse of discretion occurred at trial when the lower court denied said injunction. Based on relevant case law stating that abuse only exists where “plaintiff will prevail on the merits of the case” and where “plaintiffs is likely to sustain [harm] if the injunction is denied” (14859 Moorpark Homeowners Assn v. VRT Corp (1998) 63 Cal. App. 4th 1396, 1402-1403), the trial decision was affirmed. The publication of this case demonstrates California commitment to not allowing anti-discrimination laws to be abused for selfish ends, and Hollins Law has the distinction of having helped to publicly endorse this ideal.