Hollins Law Receives Affirmation from California Court of Appeal in FEHA/Religious Discrimination Case

Nelson v. Avondale Homeowners Assn. (2009) 172 Cal. App 4th 857 — The Fourth District Appellate Court of California upheld a verdict in favor of Hollins Law in Nelson v. Avondale Homeowners Assn. [(2009) 172 Cal. App 4th 857], the results of which were published in March, 2009. The case originated from an action in.. read more →

California Jury Exonerates Insurer Based Upon Insured Fraud

Blessley v Fire — On October 28, 2008, a California Jury found by a special verdict of 10-2 that an insurer was not liable to an elderly couple for breach of contract and bad faith, because the couple knowingly and willfully concealed a material fact from the insurer, during the presentation of their insurance claim. read more →

Supreme Court Upholds Hollins Law Non-suit Ruling

The Supreme Court of California upheld a motion for non-suit made by Hollins Law in Castaneda v Olsher. The plaintiff was shot and injured while he was a bystander to a gang confrontation, in the mobile home park in which he lived. He brought action against our client for premises liability, and after five days.. read more →

Summary Adjudication on claims of bad faith and punitive damages

In a case in which the plaintiff alleged a bad faith breach of the duty to defend under a commercial general liability policy, Hollins Law won summary adjudication of plaintiff’s claims for bad faith and punitive damages, successfully eliminating the client’s exposure to extra-contractual liability prior to trial. read more →

Hollins Law obtains writ

Hollins Law obtained writ relief on behalf of the defendant insurer, after plaintiffs were granted leave to amend their complaint only days before trial, to state a claim for punitive damages and to assert a new cause of action for bad faith. read more →

Hollins Law wins summary judgment

Hollins Law won summary judgment against a third party judgment creditor, who sued the defendant insurer for failure to pay the judgment. Plaintiff alleged causes of action for breach of contract and bad faith against the carrier, which had denied coverage on the grounds that plaintiff’s judgment against the insured for slander arose out of.. read more →

Hollins Law wins demurrers and motions to quash

In a bad faith case alleging breach of contract and bad faith arising out of multiple claimed losses, the firm successfully extricated four defendant insurers at the pleadings stage by way of demurrers and motions to quash. In addition, the court dismissed plaintiff’s cause of action for breach of fiduciary duty without leave to amend,.. read more →

Summary Judgment in breach of contract and bad faith

Hollins Law obtained summary judgment on behalf of a national insurer in an action for breach of contract and bad faith, which included a claim for punitive damages. Plaintiffs alleged that the insurer had improperly handled first and third party claims relating to the failure of a retaining wall on plaintiffs’ property, and that the.. read more →

Hollins Law defeats negligence and punitive damage claims

In a bad faith case where plaintiff alleged both wrongful cancellation and under insurance, The firm prevailed in defeating plaintiff’s negligence and punitive damages claims by way of motion for summary adjudication. read more →

Hollins Law Strikes Punitive Damages

Hollins Law succeeded in striking punitive damages without leave to amend in a high exposure bad faith matter involving allegations of delay, harassment and abusive investigation by the defendant insurer. read more →