Creditor’s Rights Law and Collections Litigation

Covering the entire state of California, Hollins Law specializes in all areas of debt collection for both the commercial and consumer industries. Among our clients are the largest collection agencies, and the four largest debt buyers in the nation. Our ability to consistently provide quick and efficient high net returns on collection claims has kept us in demand by clients seeking to recover debt. Lawsuits are filed rapidly and accurately utilizing state of the art collection’s software, allowing for daily high volume filings, and instantaneous, precise reporting to clients, as well as ACH transferring of money to and from clients. Our vast amount of experience in this area of law allows us to provide in-depth knowledge and proprietary strategies to help our clients make the best decisions that will maximize their dollars collected.

Hollins Law has successfully helped hundreds of clients recover on their accounts including credit card debt, auto deficiencies, delinquent invoices, unpaid promissory notes, judgments and more. We always strive to resolve issues out of Court, but when faced with taking a case to trial, Hollins Law is resolute in its dedication to making sure our clients recover the maximum possible on their entire debt portfolio.